Terms of lease of unmanned platforms:

The crew consists of three people: a pilot, operator, technician (optional).

Full cost calculation after receiving information about the shooting.

Camera: GoPro 3 +, GoPro 3 + Black Edition, Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Red Epic, Red Scarlet.

The camera is attached to the platform with the developed stabilizing suspension.
This gives the operator ability to shoot in the right perspective, and also helps keep the horizon and minimize vibration during flight.
Shooting conditions: temperature from minus 15 Celsius and above, the lack of rain, and when the wind is not stronger than 8m / s.
Availability of equipment and people on the set specified.

Flights are also possible in extreme conditions, which are discussed separately.
Flights can be carried out all year round.
Note that forbidden to fly around airports, as well as on strategic facilities.
Flights on the no-fly areas (near airports, over highways, near military facilities) without the prior written permission of the appropriate authorities.
For obtaining such permits fully meets customer surveys.

PR agencies, production studios

Ability to obtain a unique panorama or view. Make shots with a bird’s-eye view as 1080p Full HD or cinema format 4k or more. Modern development of filming from the air as a kind of shooting motion video result like in the best Hollywood movies

For Manufacturing and Industrial Enterprises

AlphaDron is applicable for tasks such as monitoring of high-rise constructions automated monitoring of pipe lines, roofs, storage space, special facilities and surrounding areas.

Event-agencies and news organizations

AlphaDron allows you to perform report shooting of the most actual events from the vantage point in the highest quality Full HD or 4K on different cameras – from GoPRO HERO 3 + black edition series cameras to RED.

Travel and tour companies

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Majority of tourists choose a holiday destination or tourism on-line. The most important information needed to make a final decision, it is the visual information – photos, but virtual tours and videos better.

Pictures, videos and 3D panoramas made from the height, could be a content for information centers and sites of cities. These materials help tourists and visitors navigate the city, show the most interesting routes and attractions.

Museums, exhibition centers

Virtual tours, views of castles, antique buildings – from unusual angles is a very good advertising to attract visitors, as well as an opportunity to demonstrate the exhibits in the way that can be evaluated fully only after seeing from a height.

Shopping Malls

Photos of the shopping malls from different angles from the height of hundreds of meters or video presentation flying over the counters between trading rooms. Also a great opportunity to use these materials for catalogs and brochures, advertising modules, flyers and brochures, postcards, large format advertising

Outdoor activities

You are rushing at breakneck speed on a bike on the edge of the sea, leading the yacht at high speed, river swimming or overcome mountain rapids on a kayak. These videos will decorate home archive.

Construction companies and realtors

AlphaDron allows to monitor the progress of construction from the air. Transporting small loads (up to 12kg), creation of presentation images and videos. Opportunity to amaze potential buyers with the 3D tours of the area surrounding their future home – everything is available when using this flying platform.

Agricultural enterprises

AlphaDron platform allows to monitor the agricultural progress, moving of livestock, state of plantations and fields, and create photo/video presentations.


Under the action of a natural disaster , while eliminating the effects of disasters and other difficult situations AlphaDron can be used for aerial reconnaissance , damage analysis , searching for missing people, monitoring and adjusting stroke rescue. Also, this platform can be used for immediate delivery of medicines , communications, etc. AlphaDron is able to operate in conditions dangerous for humans – at elevated background radiation , chemically polluted areas in a polluted air, etc.