AlphaDron – is the multi-purpose unmanned aerial platform (aka UAV).

    AlphaDron – is able to move independently indoors and outside under different weather conditions ( wind / rain / snow / fog).

    AlphaDron-8 is the platform developed on the basis of octo-copter.

    Overall dimensions of the unmanned platforms: 1.5×1,5 meters.

    Weight with batteries: 7-12kg.

    Maximum takeoff weight: 30kg.

    Depending on the task the appropriate hardware and software modules could be installed on the platform, such as:

    1. humans recognition module;
    2. module conducting speech
    3. control module for photo / video / movie camera;
    4. gyro-stabilization suspension;
    5. capture and transport of objects / goods;
    6. light and laser animation;
    7. module for excursions performance;
    8. fire detection module, objects search;
    9. distance measuring optics module;
    10. buildings 3D-scanning module, etc.

    Due to the fact that the platform is made of advanced materials – carbon fiber and anodized aluminum, the platform is the safest and cheapest way to perform a wide range of tasks such as:

    • Photo / video / movie shooting;
    • Goods Delivery;
    • Urgent delivery of medicines, medical equipment, special equipment to inaccessible places for humans, vehicles and helicopters;
    • Light animation;
    • Monitoring of facilities;
    • Presentations;
    • Signal Beacons;
    • Ensuring expeditions;
    • Provision of construction work;
    • Security systems;
    • Medical treatment delivery;
    • Geological exploration etc.

    This platform is highly secured.

    AlphaDron through the variety of solutions for the safe landing in emergency situations and minimizing damage when falling.